Client Testimonials

Read about former clients experiences with M-VETS

“To say that M-VETS is an amazing resource to the Veteran Community is a massive understatement. Without this service we would have had no choice but to abandon our legal case. Their professionalism, dedication and work ethic are in line with the highest ethos we were all instilled with in the U.S. military.” USMC veteran

“Please allow me to express through you my grateful ‘Thank you for a job well done’ to you and your Mason Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic that recently prepared and executed my will, power of attorney and advanced medical directive.” USAF, Korean war veteran.

“Their assistance has made our life much easier and the process was headache free. Their assistance gave us the peace of mind we needed to close that chapter in our lives. M-VETS has given [us] what we always wanted: to officially be a family. We will forever be grateful and never forget the hard work that has been done by them. A foreign adoption that ended up successfully and with tears of joy.” USMC Spouse

“We are so grateful to M-VETS for the adoption services, along with extraordinary customer service, provided to our family.  The process was made simple and the path almost completely navigated by their highly qualified personnel.” USAF Spouse

“[F]rom the start, [M-VETS] made me feel like I had an ally . . . [their personnel’s] friendly manner and obvious professional expertise gave me hope that I could put the facts in front of a judge on an equal footing with any company or person with more resources than me.” USMC and Coast Guard veteran

“We can’t believe that this 7-year ordeal is [] finished. Thank you [M-VETS] for everything you have done for us.  We wouldn’t have this end result if it wasn’t for all of [M-VETS] work and all of the previous M-VETS lawyers and students on our case.” U.S. Army Spouse

“The Legal Clinic provided me excellent support and guidance to assist me in defending my legal rights as a deployed servicemember.” CDR, USNR

“The Legal Clinic offered much-needed support and advice during a difficult and emotional time in my life as I navigated through a divorce from my military spouse.” USMC Spouse

“If I had to sum up what the clinic has meant for my family and me, it would be ‘hope’.  They took on our breach of contract matter, which we could never have afforded to pursue on our own, and fought to get justice for us and compensation for all we had lost.” CPL and Spouse, U.S. Army