Supervising Attorneys: M-VETS is seeking attorneys to assist with matters on a pro bono basis. If you are interested in working with us, please contact the M-VETS Clinic staff at mvets@gmu.edu or at 703-993-8214.

Referral List:  Due to limited resources and manpower, M-VETS simply cannot handle all of the viable clients that present themselves for representation. Therefore, M-VETS endeavors to maintain a list of attorneys who are willing to take referrals (fee or pro bono basis) for matters that are either outside the scope of the clinic’s representation or due to space limitations, the clinic simply cannot undertake. If you are interested in joining our referral list, please e-mail the M-VETS Clinic at mvets@gmu.edu with your contact information.

Additions and deletions to the referral list are at the sole discretion of M-VETS.