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M-VETS Expands its Pro Bono Practice Areas to include Expungements

M-VETS Expands its Pro Bono Practice Areas to include Expungements

The mission of the Mason Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic (“M-VETS”) is to provide active-duty members of the armed forces, their families and Veterans with free legal representation in matters of clear injustice or in which they could not retain counsel without undue hardship. M-VETS was founded in response to the legal needs of our deployed Servicemembers facing legal issues at home while protecting our country abroad.  In this sense, M-VETS’s services directly impact the readiness, quality of life, and morale of the members of our armed forces and their families.  The clinic later increased its footprint in the military community by expanding its practice area to include military law and VA matters, providing valuable representation to Veterans and their dependents which directly impacts their access to VA benefits and services.

Today, M-VETS represents clients from all five branches of the armed forces and provides the most comprehensive legal representation of any Veterans clinic in the Commonwealth of Virginia with services ranging from applications for discharge upgrades, Boards for Correction of Military Records, representation before Medical and Physical Evaluation Boards, appeals of the denial of VA disability compensation claims, requests for increased ratings decisions, and appeals to the Board of Veterans Appeals and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, to representation in the negotiation and litigation of consumer protection, family law, landlord-tenant, and contract matters in Northern Virginia courts.

M-VETS will now further expand its practice areas to include requests for expungement in Northern Virginia courts.  Please apply for expungement services online at

The following links provide initial information regarding expungements in the Northern Virginia courts M-VETS will operate: