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By Fall 2016 M-VETS Student-Advisor Scott Schenking

For many divorced active duty service members, veterans working for the federal government or current federal government employees, the reality that they will move overseas for work is ever present. The result of this is often a request to your former spouse for approval for international visitation and cooperation in preparing the child for that travel.  Read more

Opening a Door to Malpractice Suits

The National Law Journal

Jamie Schuman, Supreme Court Brief

December 28, 2016

When veteran Richard Milbauer sued the government for medical negligence, a federal court ruled it did not have jurisdiction to hear the case. That decision could leave all veterans without a way to obtain judicial review of their malpractice claims against Veterans Administration hospitals, a petition for certiorari in Milbauer v. Read more

Department of Defense Undertakes Records Review for Discharges and Records Related to Updated Policies on Mental Health, Sexual Orientation, Sexual Assault, and Gender Identification

By Spring 2017 M-VETS Student Advisor Anne Kidd

On December 30, 2016, the Department of Defense (“DoD”) announced renewed efforts to reach out to veterans regarding their discharge and military records. This effort follows recent changes in DoD policies on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”), sexual orientation, sexual assault, and gender identification. Read more