George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School

M-VETS Resumes In-Person Execution Services for Estate Planning Documents

(Pictured from L to R:  M-VETS Deputy Director Leigh Winstead & M-VETS Student Advisors Alden Campo and Amanda Nhek).

For the first time since the pandemic, M-VETS welcomed back clients to its clinic offices located at the Antonin Scalia Law School to provide execution services for various estate planning documents prepared by M-VETS.  Though M-VETS continued to provide representation for drafting estate planning documents, in-person execution services were discontinued during the pandemic.

This summer, M-VETS Student Advisors Alden Campo, Amanda Nhek, and James Caruso assisted three clients from the veteran community with drafting and executing estate planning documents, including simple wills, powers of attorney, and living wills.  M-VETS provided witnesses and a notary public for the signings.

“We are excited to welcome back clients to our offices and offer execution services for the estate planning documents drafted by our clinic,” said M-VETS Deputy Director, Leigh Winstead.  “Virginia law requires these documents to be executed with certain formalities, so it is important for us to have oversight on that process to ensure the documents are executed properly.”

“I was amazed how fast M-VETS responded not only to my initial call but also to the completion of my Will,” said one Veteran client.  “There was continuous e-mail and phone consolation during the write up and clarification phases of the process.” Student Advisor Alden Campo stated “It was such a blessing to participate in this process and help out our clients! I hope to work in the practice area of Trusts and Estates someday, and the M-VETS Clinic has given me a fantastic opportunity for real, hands-on experience in this area.”

M-VETS provides basic estate planning services for veterans, service members, and dependents, including simple wills, powers of attorney, living wills, and codicils.

In addition, M-VETS provides free legal services to the military community in a variety of civil matters, including uncontested divorces, landlord/tenant matters, consumer protection, and contract disputes, as well as in military/VA administrative matters, including MEB/PEBs, Discharge Upgrades, Boards for Correction of Military Records, and VA disability compensation appeals.  M-VETS also provides free legal consultations at the M-VETS American Legion Post 139 Advice and Referral Clinic.  Appointment requests may be submitted through the M-VETS website: .